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How To Get Rid Of Chest Acne

How to get rid of chest acne?

There's nothing more irksome than acnes. While face acnes demand special care owing to the danger it possesses to external appearance and beauty; chest acnes are mostly overlooked or neglected. Chest acnes are a result of a variety of reasons: sleep deprivation, hormonal imbalances, clogged sweat pores, cold, etc., to name a few. And as far as statistics are concerned, 60% of world population has been a victim of chest acnes at least once in their life span.

For some, products and treatments used for face acnes prove equally beneficial in treating chest acnes. However, in some cases, chest acnes need a different kind of treatment as its cause might be totally different than that of face acnes.


Now, bring an end to all your miseries and anxieties revolving around the same old question- How to get rid of chest acne?

Below are some proven techniques to get rid of chest acne.


Aloe-Vera is one of those products which you can confidently trust for skin care remedies. It is very much effective in treating chest acne. You can safely bank on the soothing properties of Aloe-Vera in cases of inexplicable itchiness.

What’s the procedure?

· Slice the Aloe Vera plant.

· Extract the gel from each of the slices and apply it on the acnes. Leave it to dry for 20 minutes or so.

· Repeat the process twice a day to gain excellent results.


Yes, you read that right! Eggs can be a wondrous element to heal chest acnes. Best known to enrich your skin with the needed minerals and nutrients, Egg whites prove to be highly effective in curing the miserable scars left by the acnes.

How to get rid of chest acne by using egg-whites?

· Separate the egg white from the yolk.

· Keep whisking the separated whites until they get fluffy.

· Keep adding layers of the fluffed whites onto acnes and leave it to dry.


Lemon is very effective in healing the annoying acnes due to the acidic content.

Below is the application procedure.

· Cut the lemon and rub it gently on the affected area.

· Leave it for drying.

· You may prolong the drying period if you wish to see better results.

· Repeat it thrice a week, and you'll see the difference.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil helps in the natural clearing of pores thus preventing the acne threat down the line. It even kills the bacteria which gives rise to such problems.

Just a drop of tea tree oil on the affected area twice a day, and voila, the acnes are gone.


A single tube of toothpaste is so much more than just gifting you with a sparkling set of teeth. It's known to get rid of stubborn acnes owing to its micro bacterial properties.

· Keep repeating the procedure until the acnes go off.

· Wash it off with cold water and pat it dry.

· Dab a proportionate amount of toothpaste on the area and leave it overnight.


We know that you have always been bogged down with that same old question: How to get rid of chest acne? You didn't think that acne treatment is this easy and cost effective, Did you?

Acnes are troublesome but can be cured easily with a little care and attention. With the remedies mentioned above, wave goodbye to your chest acne like a pro.


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