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How To Hide Large Pores With Makeup Primers


Many individuals are bummed out to hiding due to the large pores on their faces. Some of these are attributed to lack of adequate knowledge on how to care for the pores.

However, you are required to learn how to disguise these large pores using makeup. When they are covered up, it produces a very classic look on the face of the victim that is often admirable by many.

The following can be done to hide this large pores from being visible:


Tip #1 – Wash the face and exfoliate with facial scrub

The pores appear larger when they contain dirt within them. Therefore, you should use a gentle cleanser to remove the dirt and any oil on the skin.

Exfoliation entails the removal of the dead cells in order to prevent them from clogging the pores.

This is done by massaging the facial scrub over the skin in a circular motion to remove the dead cells and make the skin smooth ready for priming. Exfoliation may be done two or three times a week.


Tip #2 – Start with serum

Caring for your complexion is very important before beginning the routine makeup. A concentrate containing serum serving to perfect the texture improves the quality of the skin over time.

These concentrates are often non-comedogenic, mattifying and fast absorbing hence their great efficiency.


Tip #3 – Apply cream

Once the cleansing of the face and application of serum is done, you proceed to a texture perfector pore furnisher.

This cream is often designed to immediately give the skin a soft focus finish and aids in improving the overall quality of the skin when it is continuously used for a lengthened period of time.

The cream is smoothened over the entire face as the very last step in the routine skin care process.


Tip #4 – Application of a primer

A primer helps to fill the pores, therefore, giving you a smooth surface to apply the rest of the remaining makeup.

A base making substance is the common primer used, and it has a silky substance that aids in making the skin feel velvety-smooth.

As the first step in the makeup routine, the base maker is applied dot-wise and gently circulated to cover the whole face and other areas of special interests.

When the pores are large in particular, apply the primer to your nose and cheeks to help minimize their appearance. If you are looking for a good primer to buy, you can read this guide.


Tip #5 – Wear a matte foundation

Matte foundation is a luminous face makeup. The foundations should be chosen very carefully as those with dewy finish often enhance the look of the large pores by drawing attention to the skin.

You should, therefore, choose a matte foundation that would not reflect light and probably draw the eye to the large pores.

Paris infallible pro-matte foundation stands out to walk well and is oil free.


Tip #6 – Blending and buffing the foundation

Unlike the other processes that the makeup brushes are used, a blender is used instead since brushes may enhance the look of the large pores as they leave behind visible brush strokes.

On the other hand, the blender creates a seamless coverage of the pores.

In order to perform this, a small foundation is applied to Paris infallible blend artist foundation and quickly dabbed and rolled onto the skin to blend the foundation in.


Tip #7 – Follow up with powder

Translucent setting powder helps the rest of the makeup from shifting over time and is applied using a brush.


Tip #8 – Brush on a Matte Blush

To avoid drawing attention to the large pores like in the case of illuminating foundations, you need to make sure that you pick up a little shade by applying it lightly skimming over the apples of the cheeks.

This helps give the complexion a natural look.


Tip #9 – Sticking with the classics

A classic red lip and cat eye pairs well with the skin that blurs the look the look of the pores.

Paris infallible paints eyeliner is used to create a winged flick at the corner of the eyes whereas Paris infallible lip in DIY red is used on the lips for a bold pout.


Tip #10 – Spritz with setting spray

Setting the makeup with Paris infallible pro-spray and set makeup extender setting spray is the final step in hiding of the large pores with makeup primers.

In order to extend the just applied makeup look and attain a long-lasting finish, apply for 4-6 sprays.


The Bottom line

Makeup primers remain the highest recommended means of hiding the large pores on the face.

This helps to boost your self-esteem hence the overall confidence to appear in public. The steps above are very important and should be followed in order to care for this large spots.

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