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Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

When you understand that you have sensitive skin and that there is not much you can do to reverse it; you have won half the battle. The rest of the battle will only be won if you use the right makeup and especially, the right foundation. The good foundation for sensitive skin is almost like a balancing act, too much or too little may affect the result you’re looking for.

The Sensitive Skin Phenomenon

Sensitive skin is referred to as a common but complex dermatological condition that occurs due to abnormal sensory symptoms of the skin. That according to a survey done by the International Society of Dermatology back in 2011, 44% of the female respondent of the US poll said they had sensitive skin. Of more concern is that nearly 90% of them use foundation and other makeup products in spite of the risks.


Types of Sensitive Skin

Knowing where your skin is on sensitivity chart is more than important when you go shopping for a good foundation;

· Oily and sensitive skin- skin that produces too much oil and tends to be shiny. The foundation most suited would be powder–mineral based foundation.

· Normal and sensitive skin- it’s neither oily nor dry. Most people are often here and normally have an easier time finding a good foundation that works for them since their choices are diverse.

· Dry and sensitive skin- the most severe reaction occurs with this type of skin and is best to use a creamy liquid foundation that hydrates your skin.

· Combination sensitive skin- this skin is often problematic as you have regions of oiliness and dryness. Hence using two separate foundations to tackle these two areas is vital.

The Doors to the Right Foundation

Most of the time foundation on dry and sensitive skin tends to clog the pores. Finding the right foundation that allows your skin to breathe is critical. Also, hydration for sensitive skin is essential that when dealing with sensitive skin it is best to be cautious and not try to rush the decision.

The Commitment

To appreciate the gravitas of the issue especially you as an individual, a visit to a good and reputable esthetician wouldn’t hurt. They will provide you with a clear assessment of the type of skin sensitivity you're dealing with. More so provide you with excellent information about what kind of products to use and how to use them to work on your sensitive skin.

Beware Of Fraudsters

Most companies don't have a clue on how to formulate and work towards a truly safe product for sensitive skin. The best foundation for sensitive skin always comes with either or both hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic phrases. That hypoallergenicity refers to a product been less likely to cause an allergic reaction while noncomedogenic refers to products that don't work to remove acne or acne medication.

The Best Way Forward

Your best chances at a foundation that works for your sensitive skin involves taking chances. Most preferably you should go for products that are natural and organic ingredients. Researching and improving your knowledge on why a given product works and another doesn’t can also save you from the hassle of taking on a risky product.

Here is a list of some of the foundations out there that are working well for people with sensitive skin;

· Ecco Bella Flower Color - most users of the product have given it a positive review for that it works on their sensitive skin.

· Afterglow’s Organic Infused Foundation - you may find it helpful in reducting irritation and sensitivity.

· Zuii certified organic liquid foundation - it’s accredited by a team of reputable dermatologists as safe for use on sensitive skin.

· Lavera natural liquid foundation - almost all of its ingredients are natural.

· INIKA Liquid mineral foundation - that it’s easy to apply and smellsfantastic.


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